Welcome to Yogalution! Yoga is a way of living. It's a practical way to develop your confidence and your physical and emotional strength. When life throws you curve balls and exciting chances, yoga helps you to go with the flow.


Yoga helps me to be the person I want to be: a calm, more measured version of myself. It can help you to be the person you wish to be too.

Go with the flow

Imagine a small, shallow, crystal blue stream. On the base of this stream there are large pebbles and small ones. The small ones are our every day problems and challenges. We, like the stream, flow easily over these. The larger pebbles are the bigger challenges we face. Sometimes we must change course to find a way to flow around these problems. But, just like the stream, we always do find a way and we keep on flowing. Yoga reminds us that we are more resilient than we think: we are all stronger than we realise.

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New to yoga?


If you are new to yoga, then in the first three months you can expect to find your physical strength and flexibility begins to improve as will your posture. Within six months you will be better able to focus on breathing practices and to relax during ‘yoga sleepy time’. Within a year you will find you breathe better; think and focus more clearly; relax more fully and respond to the people around you more cheerfully. In stressful situations yoga techniques to calm body and mind will come to you naturally.

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