The life laundry

Wouldn't it be nice if sometimes you could take all the chaos of your life, throw it in a large washing machine, switch on the rinse cycle and wash all your problems away?

Tempting as that idea may be, you're unlikely to find order by washing away your thoughts and life experiences. In fact, it could be the odd sock at the bottom of life's laundry basket that gives you just the insight you need to move forward.

So what should you be doing with the laundry of your life?

The philosophy of yoga (sorry, had to mention the 'philosophy' word) is to be aware of where you're at, even if you do not yet feel comfortable there. So rather than trying to cram the crumpled linens into the washing machine drum as quickly as possible, instead take the time to fling heaps of clothes around the room.

You see it's not about any sort of quick-fix. Because however appealing a pile of freshly laundered clothes may be, next week there will always be more washing to be done.

Next week... how to handle the ironing!