Stressed?..Is your mental inbox exploding?

How does your filing cabinet look?

Here I am, perched on the edge of a fresh set of challenges whilst juggling so many challenging situations already. The logistics are whizzing around my head, flying at me from all angles. My desk looks like a burglary setting..papers scattered everywhere.  Life is not always easy.  Then I remember, my desk is a reflection of how my 'internal filing cabinet' (my mind) looks right now.  

So What Can I Do? I Can use Yoga....

I begin by standing quietly, eyes closed.  I observe where I am at, physically (do I have aches and pains and where are they), emotionally (do I feel upset).  I calm my mind by slowing down my breath.  I consciously inhale energy and release tension with my exhalation. I stretch to ease out the aches and pains that I have noticed and then I sit...

I Imagine my filing cabinet

This filing cabinet is my mind.  Today it has three drawers and I'm going to order it into:

1. happiest memories, 2. previous challenges 3. dreams

I am going to pull together the things that make me feel good about my life, then look at how I have approached challenges in the past.  I will look at why I overcame certain challenges and why I feel a sense of failure over others.  I am going to let go of the sense of failure and look at what has helped me to push through previous challenges positively, then I am going to remind myself of where I'd like to be in a couple of years.  Each drawer can contain sounds, scent, pictures, movies, words but I will only keep the very best examples, I will let all the others go.

So, did it help?

I begin to breathe more deeply and smile to myself.  I have enjoyed revisiting happy memories. I am reminded that I have succeeded in challenging environments before.  I have concluded that giving up is simply not an option because when I look into my dream drawer, the very things I am fighting to achieve now are part of the path to actualizing that dream.  The challenges are still there and they are no smaller than they were.  Many of the stressful situations are unfortunately beyond my control and I have to choose to simply go with the flow; but I can choose to enjoy life rather than feel overwhelmed.  My desk is still untidy but at least I know now where to begin...